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Mes questions existentielles

Ceci contient une liste de questions destinées à être proposé sur les canaux IRC ou les mailings lists.
Les questions seront le + souvent en anglais!
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1) Passing through a Sieve filter file
2) Connecting to my Android 2.3 CM7 device

Q1: Passing through a Sieve filter file
I have a redirect router associated to a .foward file with Sieve rules.
An appendfile transport manage the delivery into specific directories of my user Maildir mail tree. It works perfectly.
But if I erase this folling rule at the end of the .forward file:
> fileinto "/home/ftg/Maildir/";
> stop;

the next router (well named local_delivery) is not reached...
instead of, an exim -bt command gives me:
>Implicit keep
> -> inbox
>*** Error in setting up pipe, file, or autoreply:
>file_transport unset in userforward router

Firstly, could someone explain to me why a file_transport is needed since a "directory delivery" is done?
Secondly, why is my last router never reached?

For the moment, on IRC #exim, I got the answer for the first question: "inbox" is just a special file... but I can't figure out why this is legal for "inbox" and not for other directories in my .forward file. Could I just say in my .forward file that I want to pass the current router?

R: Passing through a Sieve filter file
Here is the answer (thx to jgh_hm of #exim on freenode): In fact if the address is being processed by the .forward file, it's already too "late", the current router have to know how to deal with the adress if no significant delivery is found!

Q2: Connecting to my Android 2.3 CM7 device
I have a Motorola Milestone 2 (A953) mobile phone with a CM7 Rom installed from xda developpers.
So far so good ;).
I have found a nice application on the Google Play market that allows any user to control the main feature of the phone like sending SMS, managing contacts: Airdroid.
The mobile is running a service that include a kind of web serveur that let the user connect to. It gives you an IPv4 (the v4 suffix is of importance here) local address and a port to fetch from your favorite browser.
After having opened the ports in IPv4 with iptables under the adb shell I just have to figure it out, It was not so simple! I have to manage my network with the Ipv6 way... but how to perform it without comprimising all my IPv4 services that run on my server...
That is the question ;)
One little clue, when I updated my PC Debian Squeeze with security updates, I have achieved to connect during one full uptime of my netbook. But once I rebooted my computer, I couldn't reach my mobile no more...

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